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How to install a SSL certificate on your radio

9 de May de 2019 admbrlogic

A website which transpass credibility is a key point for every online radio station. More than that, today is impossible to talk in credibility without think in a website with a SSL certificate.

How to add a custom widget on your radio website

18 de February de 2019 admbrlogic

A custom widget allows you to create an unique website, adding content by a text editor or even adding a HTML code, like a plugin to a social network for instance. Your first step is to create the

How to insert an Ad banner on your radio website

15 de February de 2019 admbrlogic

A good way to improve monetization on your online radio station is to insert Ad banners (JPG, PNG or GIF) or HTML codes (like Google Adsense) on your website. In your Admin panel, find the menu "Si

How to broadcast LIVE to your online radio using Oddcast V3 and ZaraRadio

13 de February de 2019 admbrlogic

This guide is indicated for those in doubt about how to broadcast LIVE. Each and every broadcast through your computer to our server is considered to be a LIVE broadcast, even though there is no sp

How to customize your radio website

12 de February de 2019 admbrlogic

Customize your website in a unique way is a key point to acquire increasingly audience. In your Admin panel, locate the menu "Site", then "Colors and layout". In "Colors and layout", you can c

How to add a featured content on your radio website

9 de August de 2017 admbrlogic

A "Featured content" is a resource which aims to focus the visitor's attention to a determined subject. For instance, you can put an image on a highlight position of your website with the intent to

Oddcast V3 - Download and installation instructions

22 de March de 2017 admbrlogic

Oddcast v3 is an encoder software, commonly used to broadcast LIVE on online radio stations. Find out how to download, install and setup Oddcast v3 to broadcast LIVE with your own internet radio.

Using Voicemeeter to live voice broadcast

24 de November de 2016 admbrlogic

Find out how to download, install and configure Voicemeeter in a quick and easy way, so you can use this software on your online radio station. It is necessary to configure Voicemeeter with our str

How to install Voicemeeter

24 de November de 2016 admbrlogic

VoiceMeeter is a virtual sound card which has as main function capture the audio of audio automation softwares and equipments, so that the LIVE broadcast software can broadcast to the web. Learn in

How to create new encoder passwords

21 de July de 2016 admbrlogic

If your online radio has more than one broadcaster, it is possible to create new passwords for each one of them in a simple and quick way. In your Admin panel, go to "Online radio" and then "Broadc