FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What do I need to create my own online radio?

Briefly, you just need a streaming provider (as BRLOGIC) and a desktop or notebook with access to the internet.

Other equipment such as soundboards or even a professional studio are totally optionals.

You can achieve an excelent audio quality using just your desktop or notebook.

You don’t need to buy a lot of hardware, though some of it can really help your workflow, such a soundboard or a good condenser microphone.

If you want to learn more, click here to read our blog.

What is a domain?

A domain is your address on the internet.

It is what you type on your browser, so you can open your website.

On our case, the domain is brlogic.com .

You do need a domain to allow your audience to reach your website.

We provide a free subdomain, ended in .webradiosite.com .

However, you can use your own domain, or even buy a new .com or .net domain with us.

Access your BRLOGIC Account, and click on “Domains” to add your own domain or to buy a new one.

Can my online radio broadcast 24/7?


There are two ways to achieve a 24/7 broadcast.

The first one is broadcast by live.

You do need to keep your computer or laptop always on, since all your content will be broadcasted from it.

Read our blog post to learn all you need about live broadcasts.

An easier way is to use Auto Dj.

With this tool you can build all your radio schedule at one time.

The Auto Dj will stay in charge to change all your playlists and play all your audio files automatically.

Read our blog post to learn all you need about a broadcast with Auto Dj.

Which softwares do I need to broadcast LIVE?

The best free options are Oddcast v3 (to LIVE broadcast) and ZaraRadio (to audio automation).

We do recommend Voicemeeter as well, which is a virtual sound board.

Click here to read our guide who teach how to use these softwares together.

Can I put a player from my online radio in my own site?


We do provide a gallery with dozens of players.

These players can be added in almost every site, like WordPress, Wix and Blogger for instance.

You just need to add a HTML widget, or have access to the source code of your website.

Where can I listen to my own broadcast?

The easier way is to listen your broadcast accessing your own webiste.

Access your BRLOGIC Account and click on your website address.


You just need to click on play.

If you want to share your radio with your listeners, there are some different ways.

The first one is to share your website, the same you just accessed.

Besides that, you can share your mobile App, if you already have one.

Other ways still include a player on your blog and direct access to the streaming link.